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Mini Baby Windsocks

Traditional Baby Windsocks

Our baby windsocks are hand painted for the new baby. It can displayed outdoors as an announcement to your family and neighbors of the new arrival. The windsock can then be hung indoors as a decoration.

The baby windsock can be custom painted in most baby motifs: clowns, elephants, bears, etc. We also have available child related scenes such as a boy sailing a boat and a little girl with toys. Please call for a complete list of what is available.

Cost: $ 58.50 (7" in diameter and 54" long)

Screen Printed Baby Windsocks


Our screen printed by bear sailor and raggie girl windsocks are ready for immediate delivery. Available as shown.

Cost: $45.00 (7" in diameter and 54" long)

Mini-Baby Windsocks


The baby mini-socks are available in pink and blue with an array of decorations: rocking horses, seahorses, butterflies, flowers, bunnies, just to name a few. Let us surprise you!

Cost: $10.00 or 2 for $18.00 (4" in diameter and 16" long)

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