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Stars & Stripes Mini-Sock

White Stars on a Blue Background

4 inches in Diameter
16 Inches Long

Price: $10.00

Stars & Stripes Windsock


Each windsock comes with a patriotic message and white butterfly of freedom.

7 Inches in Diameter
54 Inches Long

Price: $45.00







Our son, Ryan, at age 11, designed this windsock after the tragedy of September 11th. He wrote the following message which will be included with each windsock.

The day I felt the worst about 9/11.

That day I went and asked my Mom for a piece of windsock material. I went to work and made some stars, next using white to encircled us into one. The red lines were for each family. The half star is for all the unfinished business the nation will have to work on. The plane represents strength and courage of our military.

Part of the money made from my socks will go to the NYFD in hopes of helping them raise money for new trucks. I think this was the right thing to do on that night of my discomfort.



A special windsock based upon the artwork of our son, Ryan in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy.

7 Inches in Diameter
54 Inches Long

Price: $45.00

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