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Porch & Deck Pole
Can be mounted most places and allows the swivel top to move the windsock for minimal tangling.

Can be mounted using the enclosed screws or quick ties.

5 ft high


Fiberglass Telescoping Poles
These poles come in several lengths. They are 4 foot long and expand to the following lengths:

16 ft. $43.00
20 ft. $57.00
20 ft. Heavy $72.00

The 16 ft and 20 ft telescoping poles are designed for use at sporting events, dog shows, and other temporary placements.

20 ft Heavy has an extra heavy tip for extreme wind conditions and a more permanent placement.

Swing Arm

The swing arm is designed to be placed on a " thickness of electrical conduit (metal tubing purchased at your local hardware store for a few dollars). The swing arm allows the windsock to swing in the direction of the wind with minimal tangling.


Note: Conduit not included.

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